BAL invests in third wagon to cater for increasing sales

BAL Group has recently invested in a third, fully electronic, wagon, to accommodate increased sales across all business areas and to provide the best possible delivery service to customers.

Over the years BAL Group has expanded its original heatsink range as well as focusing on growing sales in new market sectors.  More recent developments have seen diversification into other product and market areas:  office partitioning and radiant heating and cooling.

As a result of these business activities, sales have increased substantially across the business necessitating the purchase of a new vehicle.

The new acquisition will not only give the business enhanced delivery capacity but also forms part of the company’s environmental policy which aims to reach zero carbon footprint within five years.

Steve Kane, Managing Director of BAL Group says, “the purchase of the new electronic wagon is one of the steps to achieving our ultimate objective of becoming a carbon neutral business by 2026.”