BAL Group demonstrates its expertise in customer product development

As one of the UK’s leading global suppliers of aluminium extrusion and finished components BAL Group’s  customers come from all market sectors including architectural, lighting, electronics, consumer, leisure, safety and retail to name but a few.

It is in the area of design advice and support that BAL Group excel. 

Stefan Kucharczyk, Managing Director at BAL Group says, “Many companies initially approach us with an ultimate goal in terms of product design and ask us to find a workable solution. “

“With many we have an ongoing relationship and we work with them on product development, continually refining a product, helping them stay one step ahead of the competition.”

The relationship with Mid Fab Developments has allowed BAL Group to further develop this area of expertise. 

Mid Fab has been BAL Group’s sheet metal fabricator since the early days of the company, it is a relationship that has built up over 20 years.

“Mid Fab Developments work closely with us in terms of advice on design and its manufacturability.  We give them the finished design and then they advise and design a process to accomplish this from the sheet metal blank,” explains Stefan.

BAL Group were approached by one of Europe’s leading radiator manufacturers to produce a radiant heating panel as they had heard of the company’s expertise in this area. 

“With our knowledge we were able to design a new product which was even more efficient than the customer’s design and thermal performance requirements,” Stefan states.

Mid Fab supply the sheet metal fabrication services for the radiant heat panels which include CNC punching and CNC bending, helping during the product development phase to design bearing bars for the radiant heat panels and making prototypes and altering the process so they fit together perfectly.

“The technical ability of Nigel and his team is admirable.  They advised on material differences and radius on bends to avoid cracking and to make the product easier to make,” Stefan adds.

The new design uses 20% less energy to achieve the required heating output and as a result gives the customer a competitive edge in the market place.  The energy saving solution also delivers a cost saving to the end user and is a more environmentally solution.

Stefan concludes, “We find Mid Fab very easy to work with.  They are extremely cooperative, provide excellent communication and we trust them 100% on quality.  I always feel confident when I give Mid Fab a sheet metalwork job.”

"I always say, why would we ever change our sheet metal fabricator when we have always received such good service, quality and excellent delivery from our existing supplier!”