BAL Group invests in 3D printer

BAL Group has recently invested in this up to date technology to enable them to deliver the most comprehensive design service possible for customers.

3D printing allows ideas to develop faster than ever. Being able to 3D print a concept the same day it was designed shrinks a development process from what might have been months to a matter of days. If customers need a sample it can be made cost effectively in ABS in minutes, rather than an expensive and lengthy wait for a wired eroded sample.

Being able to test ideas quickly also accelerates discovery leading to an ideal solution helping customers stay one step ahead of the competition. 3D printing allows design alterations at early stages that are relatively inexpensive leading to better products or parts and less expensive dead-ends.

Being able to verify a design before investing in an expensive tooling is worth its weight in 3D printed plastic It is far cheaper to 3D print a test prototype then to redesign or alter existing tooling.

In order to ensure the fit and function of a product or part are just right, you must actually hold it, use it and test it - our customers have fed back to us.

As Stefan Kucharczyk, Managing Director of BAL Group explains, “Our 3D printer will enable our customers to test fit and function before making any large investment and the design can be altered right up until the point the customer signs it off.”