BAL Group rises to another heatsink challenge

The business, based in the North East of England, was buying an aluminium finned rolled product heatsink with a copper base and top and a copper core from another supplier.

The company had several issues with their existing arrangement as the product was very expensive and it also presented logistical problems as it was manufactured in China.

BAL Group was given three requirements to meet by their customer.  They required a more thermally efficient product, at a lower cost, which was also supplied on a “Just In Time” basis.

BAL Group designed an aluminium extrusion that could be assembled in 4 quadrants which could be assembled into a radial heat sink in order to produce a 400mm diameter heatsink.

In doing so they surpassed the criteria specified by their customer as they succeeded in producing  a product that was 40% more thermally efficient, showed a 50% cost saving and also allowed BAL Group to deliver to the customer’s requirements on a weekly basis.