Bonded Fin Heatsink Design

Bonded Fin Heatsink Design - BAL Group bonded fin heatsink new design
Bonded Fin Heatsink Design - BAL Group bonded fin heatsink new design
Bonded Fin Heatsink Design - Original heatsink design

The company, which had developed into a successful business in an industry dominated by giant multi-nationals, bought a range of heatsinks, one of which was a product that required only a small quantity of 30 a year.  The company in the USA that were supplying Diomed with the product went out of business, leaving Diomed with a sudden loss of their source of supply. 

Diomed approached BAL Group due to their extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of heatsinks, with the requirement to redesign the product which under normal circumstances would have been cost prohibitive to produce due to tooling set up costs and the small quantity required. 

BAL Group rose to the challenge and decided to try and meet the design and thermal performance requirements by redesigning in a cost effective way, a standard bonded fin base.

The redesign was achieved in four working days by milling down a standard bonded fin base to the required width and cutting fins from sheet metal.  The product is held together by using two smaller pieces of the bonded fin base to form a cube style heatsink, with bracketery made from stainless steel pressings and screwed on with stainless steel screws to match the original.

The new design was approved by Diomed on thermal performance requirements.  BAL Group also succeeded in removing extensive tooling costs, which would not have been viable due to the small quantity that Diomed required each year.