Corrugated Heatsinks - new product launch

Corrugated Heatsinks - new product launch - Corrugated heatsink
Corrugated Heatsinks - new product launch - Corrugated aluminium heatsink
Corrugated Heatsinks - new product launch - Corrugated heat sink

High Performance Force Cooled Corrugated Heatsinks / Assemblies.

BAL Group are pleased to offer a new range of heatsinks to compliment their existing range of fabricated & extruded aluminium heatsinks.

The new high performance range is manufactured using the same technology used in modern aerospace & defence applications, combining extremely high surface area with multi-entry, ruffled & plain fin and lightness for maximum thermal efficiency in aluminium.Other metals can be supplied if required.

The technology & manufacturing techniques used provide highly flexible solutions to meet exact application requirements.

Holes & intricate cut-outs can be incorporated into the fragile but rigid corrugation that is offered in fin thicknesses ranging from 0.004” up to 0.020” coupled with a fin pitch of 8 to 30 fins per inch.

Finishing:  we can supply natural, Surtech 650, Irridite NCP and black anodising finishing according to your environmental needs.

Steve Kane, Managing Director at BAL Group says "as one of the UK's leading suppliers of aluminium heatsinks, we have invested significantly in the new corrugated heatsink range which enhances our current range, enabling us to fulfill even more application requirements."

Note: Due to the high fin density, this range requires forced air cooling for optimum performance.

Please contact our office to discuss your requirements:   +44(0)121 608 1333