BAL proud to be Birmingham (Aluminium)

At Birmingham Aluminium Ltd (BAL), we have come a long way as a company in the last 3 decades.

Over this time, we have expanded our heatsink range and focussed on growing export sales in this sector.  Today BAL is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of heatsinks. More recent developments have seen diversification into other market sectors:  office partitioning, aluminium extrusion and radiant heat panels.

We have had many changes, but one constant - our name continues to reflect the history and heritage of our company – BIRMINGHAM and ALUMINIUM. 

As a company we are proud to be based in Birmingham, a city that was hailed as the first manufacturing town in the world.   We are proud of the city’s many achievements and claims to fame.

Based in the heart of the UK, geographically and in our opinion, metaphorically, today Birmingham boasts a cultural diversity unapparelled in the United Kingdom and is known as the “workshop of the world” due to the huge variety of companies based here. 

The eyes of the world are at present turned towards our city as we demonstrate once again, our competency on the international stage as a host to a major international athletics event.

Steve Kane, Managing Director explains, “Our location in Birmingham has been instrumental to the success of our business. Our growth ambitions have been encouraged by the entrepreneurial culture that thrives in the city and supported by the local business community.  Physically, our central location means we are ideally placed to rapidly fulfil our customers’ requirements.”