Is your heatsink stock held in black anodised lengths?

It is kept in plain lengths of between 3 & 6 metres and if required the anodising process takes place after cutting to length and subsequent operations such as CNC machining to drawing.

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Are you able to supply profiles in lengths other than those shown on your website?

The lengths shown on the website are purely for comparison purposes and we can offer parts cut to your required length or if preferred as long lengths (3-6 metres).

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Are all of the heatsink profiles shown on your website available from stock?

A significant majority of the parts are generally available either from stock or on a short lead time but in some cases parts are made to order only. It is always advisable to check with us.

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Are you able to offer custom profiles?

We work closely with many customers to offer design advice and sourcing/stocking of such profiles

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Why are there no prices shown on your website?

Due to the almost infinite permutations of length, fabrication, finish and delivery requirements requested by our many customers it is impossible to maintain a meaningful price matrix but we pride ourselves on offering a rapid quotation service tailored to your specific requirement.

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Do you sell direct to the general public and small businesses?

Yes we do and are able to accept credit/debit payments if preferred

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What is the purpose of anodising heatsinks and does it add to the cost?

A black anodised heatsink has superior thermal performance in natural convection situations compared to a plain version (our guidance figures are based on this premise) plus the process can offer enhanced cosmetic appearance and provides protection against corrosion.

The  increased cost which results needs to be balanced against the accrued benefits detailed above.

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Do you offer free issue fabrication and finishing services?

Yes we welcome free issue work. We can offer:

  • Anodising (natural, coloured, hard)
  • Powder Coating
  • Saw cutting
  • Deburring
  • Tapping
  • Bending or roll forming
  • Assembly
  • Polyamide joining
  • Presswork
  • CNC machining
  • Machining
  • Finishing and polishing

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What extrusion finishes are available?

We can offer anodising, painting, powder coating, anodising (hard, natural, coloured and stainless steel finishes), foil wrap, polishing, bead blasting, polishing and chemical brightening. We can offer these up to 7m in length.

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What are your CNC machining capabilities?

We offer CNC machining up to 4 axis and can cater for aluminium extrusions up to 4m in length.

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How much is an aluminium extrusion die?

An aluminium extrusion die is far less expensive than you would imagine particularly in comparison to die casting and plastic extrusions. The cost of the die depends on the size of the profile and complexity of the design but prices generally start at £350.

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Do I own the aluminium extrusion die?

You own the IP and no one else would be able to use your die without your written consent.

Once you have paid for the die it is yours for the life of the die and it will be replaced at our cost until you no longer require it. However if it remains unused for 24 months we reserve the right to scrap it. You will be informed prior to this taking place.

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What is your minimum order quantity for aluminium extrusion?

At BAL Group we do not have a minimum order quantity. You can order as much or as little as you wish according to your requirements.

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Do you supply aluminium extrusion samples?

We offer a variety of options: a sample produced from your new extrusion die or a spark eroded sample from around £95.

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How long does an extrusion die last?

The life of an extrusion die depends on the complexity of the profile and the frequency of use. However at BAL Group we will continue to replace the die at our cost for as long as you need it. However, we reserve the right to scrap any tool after a 24 month period if unused during this time.

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What tolerances do you work to?

We work to BS EN however we generally try to improve on this and we will strive to meet tolerances according to your product requirements wherever possible.

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Do you offer machining?

Yes, we do. We have extensive machining capabilities and can offer free issue machining or can manage your supply from extrusion through to finished component.

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Do you offer extrusion design help?

Yes, we encourage customers to work with us from the earliest opportunity when designing a new profile. This allows us to maximise your extrusion design for optimal fit and function .

We will advise on alloy selection, select the best extrusion shapes and sizes to refine your production process with the aim of enabling you to deliver a world class product.

Our design and project management services provide an on-going value-added service to our customers and this is of course, free of charge.

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What factors should I consider when designing an extrusion?

The more information you can give us when you contact us about your project the better.

  • Extrusion shape
  • Total quantity and batch quantity
  • Cut length
  • Alloy
  • Visible surfaces
  • Any surface treatment requirements, (anodising, powder coating,)
  • Tolerances
  • Location of application (indoors, outdoor, marine environment)
  • Packing and vehicle access (how you want your product delivered)

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Can you advise on alloy selection?

Of course we can advise on alloy selection. The choice of alloy depends on a variety of factors: the product application (how is it going to be used), design (visible or concealed) and surface treatment requirements (anodized or painted).

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Why should I buy from BAL Group?

Our manufacturing capabilities combined with over 30 years experience in the aluminium extrusion industry set us apart from our peers. We have a global network of trusted partners that we can access to offer you the best value for your product requirements, combining quality with a cost effective solution.

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Can I buy a finished component from BAL Group?

Yes, we offer a turnkey solution, from design advise, extrusion, fabrication and finishing to finished assembly, not forgetting stock holding.

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Will you hold stock for me?

Yes. Unlike an extruder we will hold stock and supply it in scheduled batches or you can call it off as you require. The batch size can be as small or as large as you need. As well as the obvious financial advantage it also frees up space that would be used to store stock.

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What is the best way to contact you?

We are proud of our commitment to service and as the UK’s leading aluminium extrusion stockist, we make ourselves highly accessible – to existing and new clients alike. Customers can contact us via email, landline or mobile or face to face. We can come to you or we would be happy to show you around our premises.

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What factors do I need to consider before submitting an enquiry?

Areas to consider before you contact us:

  • Area of application (indoors or outdoors)
  • Function (how is it going to be used)
  • Material properties (large or small, solid or hollow extrusion)
  • Design (visible or concealed)
  • Surface treatment requirements (anodized or painted)
  • Tolerances
  • Packing (how you want your product delivered)

Depending on your project, there will be other points you could consider. Call us so we can help you put it all together.

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